B Gerard Logo Poker Game - Your Ultimate Strategy Guide

B Gerard Logo Poker Game – Your Ultimate Strategy Guide

Gerard Logo Poker is one of the most admired games of all times. It is easy to learn, you can play in almost any situation and you can play it with any number of people around the world. This is simply because it is a game of luck and there is no specific strategy to win the game. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and the fact that no particular card winning combinations are required to create a winner. It is therefore perfect for the longer hours before the dealer starts turning the cards, as each round will still give you a new card, therefore enabling you to get a hold of the pattern.

Gerard Logo Poker is a card game which originates in France, and is usually played by 3 to 4 players. The game is played with one pack of cards, and different variants of the game are played in different parts of the world. A standard pack of cards features 52 cards, counting numbers from 1 to 10 in the 1st pack, Lady Liberty, cowboy, ace, king, and the number 10. Tells in the game are by showing the set of cards to a player when they try to guess the combination of number the dealer has. The number of rounds it takes the players to guess the combination is the number of rounds it will take before a player will be allowed to pick his or her card.

In the game there are different ways of making a bid to win the round. The first option is to “Poker88” or “in passive”). In passive mode you have to declare that you will stay in the round by not exchanging any cards. Only if you are very sure that no player will win the round you can exchange your cards. The other option is to have “queen” or “king” side of the cards. When your cards equal 3 of the highest card, you win a big sum of money!



Each player can play both as a rounds or a hands. When a player’s hand is better than the dealers hand, the player will win the round. The highest hand in the game is ace, king, jack, and queen. You win a prize for the hand, even if the dealer beats you to it. If there is a tie, a player can choose either to split the game into two hands, or continue the game with only one hand. However, if the player chooses to split the hand, he or she must do so only once.

Strategy and Card Counting

In order to win at queen, king, and jack, you need to know your optimal cards to play, when to hold them, when to double them, when to split, and when to double down. These decisions are all based on card counting. In blackjack, an ace can be counted as either a 1 or an 11, depending on the value of the other cards in the hand. However, the ace can also be counted as a 10, if there are other high cards in the hand. High cards are any card in aces, kings, queens, and jacks, which are considered to be the highest cards. If you have an ace, and a hand that contains an ace and a high card, then the ace can be counted as either a 1 or an 11, depending on the value of the other cards in the hand.

An ideal blackjack card counting system is by having an ace, two, three, four, five, and six in the hand. When you have an ace as a part of the hand, you will have a positive (plus) value. If you have two aces, you will have a negative (minus) value. If you have three aces, you will have a value of zero. The double down or splitting of the cards into two hands is based on the values of the Ace and the 6, since these are the two highest cards. If your starting cards contain a 10, an ace, or a king, then you are “stiff” in the hand, and should not split the cards. This is because the ace and the 10 are the most powerful cards in the game, and a pair of 2’s is the closest thing you can get to a blackjack, thus forbidding the splitting of pairs.

On the other hand, if you have a king, queen, jack, or a 2 as your first four cards, then you are “loose’ in the hand. This is a bad sign, and you should ideally play the hand out to a showdown, unless your ultimate goal is to get a blackjack. Obviously you cannot win a blackjack if you have only two cards, so bear in mind the strategies for the pairs.

Most importantly, be patient and have self-control, especially if you are dealing with more than one card.