Poker Table Top – A Poker lover’s dream come true

A poker table top can be an amazing piece of furniture that doubles as a poker table. This dream table has ten cup holders that actually hold hundreds of poker chips. We know that professional poker players spend hours playing in luxurious casinos and homes, but finding an inexpensive way to do it at home.

10 player fitted position

This full size poker table comes with ten fully handleable individual cup holders that offer a place for each player to keep their poker chips. slot 138 rtp The full handleability of this table makes it perfect for either the home professional or the casinos. This may be smaller version of the table, but we have yet to find one with better features than this one.

Of course, the price for such a table will run you anywhere from $400 to $1600. While supplies are definitely expensive, the quality is also first class. If you think that such a quality table may be more than you are willing to pay for, we suggest you do not hold your breath.

The table has a full set of bumper pads around which will surely make the table very comfortable for the players. Players can be comfortable even while sipping on their favorite cappuccino. The pads are covered with high grade mildew resistant black vinyl which adds to the beauty of the table. Also, the pads are heavily backed which makes the table easy to clean. The ease of cleaning is a great bonus for people who have a tendency to damage or scratch the pads of their tables.

A good quality of table can be seen in the folding legs of the 96″ poker table. The table also has the famous diamond style mark impressed on the table. The markings give the players the feeling of a Vegas style casino. This is a sure fire way to make your casino room the talk of the town.

The table also has the extra large table layout, which is perfect for any kind of casino room. The layout is the same as what you will find in any other poker table manufacturer’s home poker tables. A full set of bumper pads and the huge table makes the 96″ poker table perfect for any kind of casino room.

Let us review the 96″ Poker Table. we expected this table to be a good value for money considering the looks and quality of the product. Considering the discounts available at some of the stock parts suppliers and the competition we see in the market, this is a very good product. The table has a price tag of $400, that is if you are not able to get the discounts.

If you are buying the product from a dealer, you can expect to pay around $430 for the table. Mainly because the table is bulkier than the comparable products in its category. In case you are looking at a portable poker product, the table deserves a serious consideration.

You can safely buy the 96″ Poker Table – Black from online retailers. The discounts will always be there if you click on one of the sales pages inside the crustacean poker product. Good luck!